About SNAP

SNAP: Students Need an Alternative Party

What would it cost the community if there were a tragic accident on Prom Night? - Prom is the most dangerous night of the year for high school students. SNAP is the parent run organization that provides a fun & memorable celebration for all juniors and seniors and their guests after the prom - even if they do not attend the prom.

SNAP is already planning for Spring-Ford's  2013 post prom event, but they cannot do this without your help! Your support provides a safe and fun night for your kids!

Here is what you can do:

  • Give some of your time as a volunteer: add your contact information and we will contact you with avilable tasks
  • Make a tax deductable donation: donations can be made payable to SNAP and sent to Spring-Ford School District, 199 Bechtel Road, Collegeville, PA 19426
  • Participate in one of our fundraisers: throughout the year SNAP holds fundraisers to make this memorable night safe for our kids. Signing up on this web-site will enable you to receive e-mails about our many events.

For more information regarding SNAP and how you can help go to our website at www.sfsnap.org or contact Laura Piland at lpiland@comcast.net